School Projects

East of Eden: The Game

A game I created after reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck in my American Literature class.

Jekyll History Blog

This was a static blog I created using Jekyll to store blog posts written as a part of my history classes.

Poker Probability Project

This app has been published to the Apple App Store and was created for my Algebra 2 Honors class final project.

Math Time Magazine

A beautiful Time magazine discussing the modern uses of matrices created for my Algebra 2 Honors class.

Linear Differentials Project

For the Calculus BC final project, I worked on a group project modeling dye concentration in several tanks connected with different size tubes.

AP United States History Study Site

I created this as a study tool for AP United States History and the specific AP Learning Objective of Environment and Geography.

Batteries Research Project

Me and 2 others wrote and presented a research paper on batteries in the modern day for our AP Chemistry class final.