iPhone App Development

I have written many iPhone apps, 6 of which are published on the Apple App Store. This hobby began after attending Make School in the summer after middle-school.

Work Experience

Check out the awesome places I have worked at in the past and completed projects at. Through such experiences, I have learned a lot about collaborating on a team in a professional workplace on some very intricate tasks.

Code Repositories

I store almost all my code on GitHub so I can leverage Git and also have a backup of everything I have done. It's also very useful for collaboration in teams and getting things done.



My team is the 2019 World Champions! This is a highly technical robotics program that I participated in for 7 years. 2019 was my 4th year being a captain.

FLL Mentoring

I participated in First Lego League in elementary school, and now have been passing on my knowledge to a team of middle schoolers.

FRC - Team 114

I have been on my high school's FRC team for 3 years, primarilly working on the design and software of the robot.



Take a look at my travel blog where I frequently make posts about trips I go on with family and friends.

Drone Flying

I fly a DJI Phantom 3 drone to capture nice imagery and view the world from above.


I began playing tennis at a very young age and continue to do so. I am on the high school varsity tennis team.


I love cooking tasty food for myself and others! What more can be said about it?


I go skiing at least once a year and go with a group of family and friends for a week of fun and relaxation from the stresses of being in high school.

Senior Center

I volunteer at the Senior Center on a weekly basis, helping the seniors in the computer lab.

Cool Projects

School Projects

These are projects created as part of a class at my high school.

Synopsys Science Fairs

I participated in the annual Synopsys Science and Engineering Fair in both 7th and 8th grade, submitting highly technical projects involving IOT and mobile applications.

Differing Cultures

American Culture

I was born in the United States and have lived here all my life. Here I am gold panning in Columbia, in the heart of California gold country.

Chinese Culture

My mom is from China and I have a large family living there. We visit them almost every other year and I love going to see them. In addition, Chinese food is very tasty, especially the "real" spicy only available in the Sichuan province.

Swedish Culture

My dad is from Sweden and has a large family there too. I've gone to Sweden many times, once even to pick up a new Volvo. Even though Sweden is a small country, it is filled with many majestic palaces and attractions.

Interested in talking to me? Want to learn more about Swedish Fish? Drop me a line on social media or on my contact page.